167 April 6, 2024
Istanbul - Departure from Sirnak

Istanbul - Departure from Sirnak

Price start from 385 dollars.

Day 1: Upon arrival in Istanbul, I went straight to the hotel from the airport and settled in.

Day 2: We visited the Aquarium and enjoyed observing the marine life. Later, we went shopping at VENESIA AVM and visited the tallest tower. After that, we headed to Üsküdar to explore MILLET BAHCESI and enjoyed the serene atmosphere of the gardens and historical sites. Then, we visited the Maiden's Tower and strolled down Taksim Istiklal Avenue before returning to the hotel.

Day 3: We started the day by exploring Galata Port and taking a ferry ride. We wandered through the lively markets and enjoyed the bustling atmosphere. Then, we visited Galata Tower and explored the Egyptian Bazaar before relaxing at Ulus Park and Bebek. Finally, we ended the day in Ortakoy before returning to the hotel.

Day 4: We had a free day for optional activities. We chose to go on a car tour to explore various areas and ended the day with some thrilling activities at ZIPLAYIN.

Day 5: We started the day with a visit to the markets and ended up hiring a DJ for a lively evening with friends, enjoying music and dancing in the car.

Day 6: We had another free day, so we decided to take a trip to Bursa and enjoy the scenic views. We also visited historical sites and enjoyed a cable car ride before returning to the hotel.

Day 7: Our last day was spent shopping and bidding farewell to Istanbul, cherishing the memories and experiences we had during our stay.

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